Monday, December 31, 2007

The Post Office

For various reasons- including the fact that most items of my orders are shipped first-class mail and I can't figure out how to print that postage online, the wasting of my paper for labels, and the fact that I really should get out of the house sometimes, etc.- I usually use the APC at the post office to print postage and ship packages instead of doing it online- or god forbid actually take it to the counter.  Unfortunately, for international packages- I can't do that on the APC.  For those not in the know- the Automated Postal Center- can be found in most POs and looks a bit like an ATM.  Unfortunately my closest post office doesn't have one- so I have to go a bit farther to get to the one that does- and I usually go about every 2-3 days.  

Today it took me about an hour and half as usual to package up and label what needed to go out today.  I took my load over to the post office and there was a line out the door- probably atleast 20 people long.  Was there a line for the APC- of course not!  I get through my packages like a whiz- seeing as I know their interface better than most of their employees- and drop 'em in the slot.  

My question is- why don't people use it?  I am glad they don't- I am extremely impatient and detest waiting in lines for things like that- but I wonder if they don't know about it or they are technoligically frightened by it even though it is very much like an ATM- (this is probably the case since it seems the average age of those in line is about 65-70)?  During the week or two before xmas- they had an employee standing there instructing people how to use it and they did manage to get a few people waiting to use it as opposed to the hundred waiting to get to the counter.  With a lot of grocery stores and places like Lowe's having also having automated checkouts- it makes me wonder what other services in the future will be automated too?  I am still waiting for the car with "auto-pilot" because I hate driving and would just like to nap until I get to my destination.... anyways..... 

Tonight is New Year's eve- I've got some loose plans and will see where the evening takes me.  This is one of my favorite holidays- along with my birthday, and halloween- because it is pretty much just an excuse to get dressed up and party with friends.  No religion or family commitments really- just an excuse to party during the week.  Last year, it was my request that Josh and I spend the entire New Year's day in bed- and we did just that.  He only got up to go pick up some Chinese Food for dinner but did climb quickly back in upon his return.  I do have a lot of orders to catch up on- but would love to make the New Year's day Bed-In a tradition!

New Blog

So I have decided a good addition to the website starting in the new year would be a blog- to write about what I am doing, working on, Lucky Kat news, and more.  To put more of a story and name and face to Lucky Kat.  It is not a big corporation, it is not even a real big company at all... it is just me, Liz (no, my name is not Kat)- and a couple of wonderful seamstresses that help with the workload.  I do everything from updating the website, answering emails, buying,  processing orders, accounting and bookkeeping, painting and sewing just about everything, packing and shipping, and much more.  It is still really truly a DIY business.

I've got some new plans and redirections of Lucky Kat for the new year, not limited to a new website, new clothing designs, discontinuing much of the smaller items (candles, little boxes, some jewelry, and more), and a focus on being represented in more retail stores.  As far as new plans and redirections of me personally, that may include a move to Seattle, questioning whether to vendor at VLV again this year, continuing my work on the exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, fighting my reoccuring insomnia, more tattoos to finally finish my sleeves, getting the scooter ready for the road in the spring, and more.  It could get interesting.... stay tuned.