Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've seen a couple of good shows recently. That makes me really happy because it seems rare that bands make a stop in Ohio and if they do it is usually Cleveland or Cincinnati. It has gotten worse in the past year or so as one of the best venues in the city to hold medium sized shows shut down (RIP Little Brothers)...

Anyways- Back on May 18 I saw X play at the Newport. We got the total hook up at this show because a friend works there. The night included drinks at the 'Dube to get the evening started, free tix, beers in a cup as big as a bucket, and a great show by a great band. They sounded right on. Afterwards I got a screenprinted tour poster signed by the band and a pic with Billy Zoom. Uh... camera phone picture.... which means it will probably never make its way off the phone and into cyberland...
What a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

Fastforward to this past Tuesday evening- again at the Newport- with Gogol Bordello. This was a really fun show! The opening band was super boring- and Gogol didn't go on for a really long time. But they played a crazy long set. I have the newest album and it seems like most of the songs were from there. So much energy- and the crowd was really into it. They finished up their set and then came out for an encore that was almost as long as the regular set! I think this was their first show on the tour and I could tell they were pumped from the crowd reaction- so they just kept playing. Go see them if they are coming near you!

This Saturday is the Zombie Walk. Missed it last year. Not sure if I can get anything together to participate as one of the undead but I do want to atleast watch and try to take a ton of pictures.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Why do I love this song so much? Not sure, but today I listened to it on a loop for quite awhile while working on the computer.

In other news, Super Spy Dresses are back in stock! Get your order in before they sell out again...
Amongst sewing for orders, I am also working on a new dress design. Hoping to have the long awaited photo shoot by the end of the month to add to the site all of the new designs I have completed over the past few months.

I will have a booth at Comfest here in Columbus again the weekend of the 27th through the 29th. Slowly and surely building inventory and I will be making my popular journals and sketchbooks made from old record covers again which sold pretty well last year. It will probably be another long, hot, and sticky weekend sitting for three days straight behind a booth... but with friends hanging out with me in shifts... its not too bad at all ;)

Craftin' Outlaws planning is what I spent most of today on- putting together sponsorship information. I will be putting vendor applications up on's always exciting to start looking over applications and see what kind of things that people make. Most of it is pretty cool and tough decisions always have to be made because again we can only fit 60 vendors in the new venue.

I had a fun Friday night- a party for Susan's birthday. Roasting weenies over a fire, drinking Dr. Feelgoods (vanilla vodka and Dr Pepper), and a lot of cookies. Meghan and I went together on a gift for Susan- a bottle of Jim Beam. But not just any bottle of whiskey... we spray painted it then decorated it- each taking a side.

My side:

Her side:

Haha, they should hire us to redesign their bottles!!