Sunday, March 23, 2008


Website is finally done and live! A few orders have been placed already so I am pretty sure all of the kinks have been worked out with the shopping cart. It is nice to have it finished so I can start focusing on other things that need some attention- current pending orders and some new clothing designs.

In celebration of the new site, I am offering a free gift to the first 10 orders placed through the new website.

I had a photoshoot with Gretchen again on Thursday for two new dress designs from nice face. that I just got in stock. Pictured in the photo above- they are very cute, comfortable, and perfect for spring!

This week will be very busy- and I'll be heading to Cincinnati again this weekend, this time for a scooter rally. I hope it will be good weather and I am looking forward to a good time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Disco Duck

Happy st. pat's day!  Am I wearing green?  no.  Am I drinking a guinness or green beer?  no.  Am I going out to an Irish pub tonite?  no.  Oh well... just another Monday I suppose.  But, I did get out on Saturday night and had a good time.  We went to a Polyester disco themed party in Cincinnati.  If you couldn't guess, the photo above is from it.  More photos are in my Flickr page- (link is over to the left).  We found suitable outfits and made the 2 hour drive after Josh got off work.  Champagne, fondue, and 70s dance hits filled the night.  Although- I ended up mostly drinking the Miller Lite we brought.... Anyways good times and we ended up making the drive back that night and got home around 4:30 am.  
I also just uploaded pics from my birthday party back in December (thanks to Ellen) as well to Flickr.  I almost forgot how decadent it was- how much sugar I consumed that night- and how lame it was that my gingerbread house collapsed so quickly.  I blame the frosting..... ;)

Also, it's official that I will not be doing Viva Las Vegas this year.  I love Vegas- but for various reasons I am not going to go or vendor this year.  I will be applying to have a vendor booth at Comfest here in Columbus again though at the end of June.  Last year was a lot of work as I was doing the booth all 3 days by myself... and it is outside in the heat... etc... but I sold a ton so it was worth it!   

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So I realize I haven't written a post in a while. I was really going to be good with this blog... hoping to average a post about every other day. My excuse last week was that nothing really new happened... that I had nothing to say besides... still working on the new website.... etc.

But then I realized that some things did happen last week- 
business-wise: answered interview questions for a write-up on Lucky Kat that will be in the April/May issue of AMP Magazine, sent some dresses over to Curve magazine to be used in a photoshoot for plus-size fashions and would possibly be in a fall issue, sewed and painted for some website orders, and..... worked on the new website.

The photo above is what my cutting table looks like at the moment. I am working on some drink coasters made from the huge accumulation of cool scrap fabrics I have to be included in the Columbus' City Sampler. What is The Sampler you ask... "The Sampler is a super fun marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month, independent crafters, artists, shops, zines and record labels who run web-based businesses send samples and promotional materials to a contribution pool here in Sampler Town. All the samples are photographed, posted to the site and then portioned out, packed into boxes and sent off to Sampler recipients, Contributors and members of the Media all over the world!"
The new thing they offer is to localize it- so people can subscribe to receive samplers that focus on businesses from specific cities- so they can be distributed to people who are interested in supporting local businesses. I will be contributing to the Columbus Sampler that will be available through the shop on the Sampler website in April I think.

I decided not to put together swag bags for Craftin' Outlaws last year, but the year before I gave out bags with samples and promos to the first 100 attendees in the door from DIY crafty businesses all over the country. I know the people loved to get free stuff... but I am still not sure if it ever led to any further sales for the contributors.... Anyways- we'll see how this City Sampler turns out!

Liz-wise happenings:
Survived the blizzard on Saturday.  Despite never finding any sleds to go play in the snow- I had a really enjoyable day.  Ran around town with Josh (car only getting stuck in the snow once?), walked to the grocery store with Josh, Amy, and John, cooked porkchops for everyone, and we enjoyed a nice night in drinking wine from a box, and for some reason I woke up with a sharpie drawing of a stegosaurus drinking a milkshake on my leg.

Further progress on Bleed For Speed Soapbox Derby event.  We put up a myspace page and J and I just finished up the rule book last night and I will be posting that and some technical information (steering and brake diagrams) to help people get started on that page soon.  I've gotta get working on my car ASAP!