Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Shopping?

Still shopping for the holidays?  Well, you're in luck... here at Lucky Kat central there are over 75 unique gals and guys clothing, accessories, and houseware items ready to ship with almost all sizes in stock!  Deadline for holiday orders: Monday, December 15th!

Please note the order deadline for international orders and the "tagged" made to order items has passed for holiday shipping. 

Monday, December 08, 2008

Ho ho ho!

Wow- can't believe it is already the second week of December! Time is flying.

Here are some updates:
The more I get familiar with Seattle, the more I really enjoy living here. Of course I miss friends and family back in Ohio, but Seattle does have a lot to offer. 

Just bought my Washington state license plates today ($130!)- the car is now official- we no longer appear to be out-of-towners (well riding in the car atleast...). Thanks to the fantastic talents of Josh- my Vespa P200 is up and running (pictured above- currently nicknamed "patches")- although I have been too busy lately to get out on it.  The picture below is what it looked like when I got it last year.... Someday she will also get a paint job- but I am still kinda digging its current mismatched "rough and tumble" look.

We went out to Urban Craft Uprising this past weekend- a large annual indie craft fair at the Seattle Center- similar to my beloved Craftin' Outlaws- but twice as many vendors! Bought some cool stuff for friends. I had considered being a vendor but I knew I would be too busy to prepare for it- maybe next year ;)

I will be heading back to Ohio for the holidays- leaving on the 17th- and will be gone for 10 days. I will spend that first weekend in Columbus hanging with my girls- and spend the rest of the week in Sandusky hanging with family. The 18th is my birthday- and probably the first time in ten years that I have been able to spend it with family! Any orders placed through the site from the 16th and on will be put on hold until after the 28th.

I also completed my first quarter of graduate school- don't know if I have mentioned that so far in the blog. That was the main reason for coming out here to Seattle- to attend school at UW. I am studying Museology (a program on museum studies) and have had some pretty interesting courses so far! Keeping up with running Lucky Kat and going to grad school fulltime has been a little difficult at times- but things have remained pretty caught up most of the time. I have no plans to end Lucky Kat and do love what I do!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Website Updates- with more coming soon!

Well- things have been getting pretty busy over here- which could explain my lack of blogging recently.  First off- the new items just added to the site:  The two that I am most excited about are the Tattoo Cardigan and the Sacred Heart Hoody.  They rock!  

Also added is a Grey Western Top that is priced to move.  I originally made these for another project and have decided to let them go for a steal on the website.  There are some minor imperfections- but nothing too noteworthy and you can't beat the price.  There is also now another circle skirt option- this one in a cute Skull and Heart cotton print and polkadot fabric options for the Curvy Corset Skirt and the popular Piped Halter Dress

Also- thanks to Ruby Hardt (the lovely blonde in the photo) and her photographer Dave Ward for the new pics.  I will be adding more soon.  Also- coming soon are more new items for the holidays including a sexy sailor style dress and hair accessories.  So stay tuned for more!

And finally- 2 new retail stores will soon be added to the Lucky Kat list of retailers.  First, is that Kitten Koffin Zombies- everyone's favorite pin-up contest- has added Lucky Kat clothing to the Shop on their website. Also, be sure to check out Kanella's in Tucson, AZ in the next month or so for a fine selection of Lucky Kat clothing.    

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get what you want!

Just finished updating the site:

Get exactly what you want:
A new kustomizing option is now available- let's not let the guys have all the fun with the western style shirts. Now Kustomizable Yoke Tops are available for the ladies- choose your shirt and piping color, yoke print, and sleeve length. Nowhere else but Lucky Kat could you find such a unique shirt!

Get yours now:   Restocked the popular Cherries Boatneck Tees and Sugar Skull Tops and the Black Super Spy Dresses and Black Betty Boleros are available for order now and will ship out next week.

Get a one-of-a-kind:

Be sure to check out the 3 new unique Clock designs, Butterfly Girl Case, and Swallow Belt Buckles. I made each of these with a new technique that involves a combination of tissue paper, gold leafing, and paint! I only made one of each design- so you can be sure it is an original but you may need to grab it fast!

Get a great deal:

And finally, select items have been put on sale- check out the deals on the Sales page.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally a bit settled....

We have now been officially in Seattle for 4 weeks tomorrow!  Time has been flying and the studio is back up and running- seemingly even more organized than before.  So place your orders now- and those on the west coast will finally see even faster and slightly cheaper shipping due to the move.  

I will update further soon about how the move went and what we've been up to in Seattle thus far... including photos!

The website was been updated with a more seasonal look today..... enjoy:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Stuff Added!

I just finished adding some new handpainted functional art to the website- a few clocks, a cute pink case, and a couple belt buckles.  These are all one-of-a-kind- so once they are gone... they are gone!

Craftin' Outlaws was a success- a ton of shoppers (some arrived over an hour early to get in line to be the first in the door), amazing vendors, yummy food, entertaining deathmatch (I got to be a judge!), and a beautiful venue.  I am also running around all day- making sure everything is running smooth, volunteers are showing up, etc so I actually don't spend too much time behind my booth.  Which is unfortunate because I think that would've helped sales... but I am certainly not complaining!  I hired Gretchen (my Lucky Kat photographer) to document the event- so soon I should have some photos from the day.

In anticipation for the move next Saturday, I have gone through my closet and have listed over 43 items for sale on eBay.  A lot of great clothing- if you like the Lucky Kat style... then you would probably like my personal style.  Also other fun stuff such as a Fisher Price PXL 2000 camcorder (rare and collectible), lifesize Elvis cardboard cutout, Soap Box Derby Car kit (build your own racer), bunch of crafty/DIY supplies, and even a "Steady As She Goes" handpainted Lucky Kat bowling pin.  

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Craftin' Outlaws this weekend....

So it's been awhile since my last post- a lot has been going on.

Back in stock are the panther polos and dot halter tops.  Fun casual shirts that can match with just about any bottoms- now available in all sizes.   

There is also of course Craftin' Outlaws this Saturday- so I have been busy not only organizing it but also making some inventory to stock my booth.  Some new items that will debut this weekend are clocks, suitcases, belt buckles, and more.  What doesn't sell out this weekend I will list on the website and etsy next week- since these items are one-of-a-kind snatch them when you can!

I was also on the radio this morning (CD101) to promote the fair.  It was pretty cool- never did anything like that before!  An article comes out today in the Columbus Alive that I also look forward to reading.  

Due to the relocation to Seattle happening very soon- just a heads up that at the end of next week I will be posting that there will be a delay on processing and shipping for orders placed between the Aug 22nd and Sept 8th.  All of my inventory, fabric, sewing machines, etc will be on a truck making its way across the country!  So get an order in soon- before the delay!  

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big update to the Craftin' Outlaws website- vendor list and sponsors posted!

Check it out here:

We receive A TON of applications (a lot at the last minute) and it is sooo hard to make cuts as pretty much everything was fantastic quality-wise. Mostly had to base the selections on the type of item and then the style, etc- to make sure to get a varied amount of item types, price ranges, etc. Jewelry, handbags, and paper goods are certainly the most popular application- so competition is crazy to get one of the booths we reserve for those types of items. But I think the final list turned out well and I am pretty pumped.

We also received a lot of sponsorship support this year- allowing us to double our advertising budget- which is never a bad thing ;)


I am leaving in a few hours to make a road trip with Josh to the Outer Banks in North Carolina (12 hour drive?) to meet up with my family who is currently on vacation there and will be returning late Sunday. We are looking forward to a little relaxing vacation before leaving again a little over a week later to fly out to Seattle for a few days to find our new digs there. Followed by a few weeks later, Craftin' Outlaws, and then a week or so later our big move across the country!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Big Lucky Kat update-

Woot! Just finished updating the website with a ton of new stuff-

Other good news- Jack, my cat that ran away, has been found! Just took him to the vet today for a checkup and despite being kinda skinny he seems fine.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've seen a couple of good shows recently. That makes me really happy because it seems rare that bands make a stop in Ohio and if they do it is usually Cleveland or Cincinnati. It has gotten worse in the past year or so as one of the best venues in the city to hold medium sized shows shut down (RIP Little Brothers)...

Anyways- Back on May 18 I saw X play at the Newport. We got the total hook up at this show because a friend works there. The night included drinks at the 'Dube to get the evening started, free tix, beers in a cup as big as a bucket, and a great show by a great band. They sounded right on. Afterwards I got a screenprinted tour poster signed by the band and a pic with Billy Zoom. Uh... camera phone picture.... which means it will probably never make its way off the phone and into cyberland...
What a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

Fastforward to this past Tuesday evening- again at the Newport- with Gogol Bordello. This was a really fun show! The opening band was super boring- and Gogol didn't go on for a really long time. But they played a crazy long set. I have the newest album and it seems like most of the songs were from there. So much energy- and the crowd was really into it. They finished up their set and then came out for an encore that was almost as long as the regular set! I think this was their first show on the tour and I could tell they were pumped from the crowd reaction- so they just kept playing. Go see them if they are coming near you!

This Saturday is the Zombie Walk. Missed it last year. Not sure if I can get anything together to participate as one of the undead but I do want to atleast watch and try to take a ton of pictures.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Why do I love this song so much? Not sure, but today I listened to it on a loop for quite awhile while working on the computer.

In other news, Super Spy Dresses are back in stock! Get your order in before they sell out again...
Amongst sewing for orders, I am also working on a new dress design. Hoping to have the long awaited photo shoot by the end of the month to add to the site all of the new designs I have completed over the past few months.

I will have a booth at Comfest here in Columbus again the weekend of the 27th through the 29th. Slowly and surely building inventory and I will be making my popular journals and sketchbooks made from old record covers again which sold pretty well last year. It will probably be another long, hot, and sticky weekend sitting for three days straight behind a booth... but with friends hanging out with me in shifts... its not too bad at all ;)

Craftin' Outlaws planning is what I spent most of today on- putting together sponsorship information. I will be putting vendor applications up on's always exciting to start looking over applications and see what kind of things that people make. Most of it is pretty cool and tough decisions always have to be made because again we can only fit 60 vendors in the new venue.

I had a fun Friday night- a party for Susan's birthday. Roasting weenies over a fire, drinking Dr. Feelgoods (vanilla vodka and Dr Pepper), and a lot of cookies. Meghan and I went together on a gift for Susan- a bottle of Jim Beam. But not just any bottle of whiskey... we spray painted it then decorated it- each taking a side.

My side:

Her side:

Haha, they should hire us to redesign their bottles!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I lost my cat :(

So my big ole' beloved cat escaped out an open window earlier this week.... and I am super sad about it. If anyone who reads this is local to this part of town... help me find him!!

Lost : 5/5/2008
Cat- Male
Name: Jack

Specific Location: corner of 4th St and Arcadia in South Clintonville
Breed: Maine Coon
Weight: 25 lbs?
Color: browns and tans- lighter tan on belly
Coat: long haired , Smooth
Age: 4
Collar: not wearing a collar
Features: neutered, long hair coming out of ears and in-between toes. Big cat... very affectionate.

Comments: He is in an indoor cat and has never been outside before. He is extremely friendly and affectionate. Please help me find him!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Dress Design and Riffe Gallery exhibit

Finished another dress design last night- Red Gingham Plaid Summer Dress. Lightweight, comfortable, and classic. Like the previously posted Leopard Dress- it is currently only available for sale through my etsy shop. Once I get a photoshoot for all the new items, they will be posted on the main website. Be one of the first to own it and go order it here:


Gallery Opening- So I have been working the past 8 months with Charles Kleibacker from the Columbus Museum of Art to put together an exhibit that is opening on Thursday May 8 at the Riffe Gallery downtown. It is about his career as a New York couture fashion designer and about the exhibits on fashion he has curated in Ohio since 1986. It has been quite the experience working with him and pretty amazing to see it all finally come together. He will be giving a tour of the exhibition from 5-6p and it will then be followed by a reception from 6-8p. I will most certainly be there to brag about all of the headwraps I put together on the bald mannequins last week ;)

If you are local and interested in fashion- come check it out!  More info

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Craftin' Outlaws and Seattle?

Craftin' Outlaws News-

I just finished updating the Craftin' Outlaws website with some details for this year's event. It will take place on August 16, noon until 7, at a new location! BoMA, the big historic church turned nightclub on Broad St downtown. I think it will be a great big space for it and it will be fantastic to contain all of the vendors in one room... and inside! No more worrying about tents or the weather.

Vendor applications will be available on the website starting June 3 and will be due July 3. I am currently recruiting helpers to plan this years events- so if you are local and have any interest and/or experience in areas such as marketing, obtaining sponsorships, creative event ideas, etc. let me know (send email to ) and I will forward info to you about meetings, etc.

Also, if interested, I will be at the Craft Cotillion meeting on Monday April 28th at 8p in the backroom of Surly Girl to talk about C.O. and you can talk to me there. Also, you can meet a lovely and friendly group of crafty local folks as well!

Lucky Kat News-

Due to some price restructuring, all Lucky Kat brand clothing and purses have been lowered in price permanently. I will for the most part not be offering wholesale to retailers anymore, so the restructuring and resulting savings have been passed along to my lovely and loyal website customers.

The Columbus City Sampler that I had mentioned making drink coasters for in a previous post has been on sale on the Sampler Website and has gotten some local press as well. The Columbus Alive did an article that came out Thursday that had a photo of some of the samples including my coasters right on top!

Liz News-

I have been doing some really fun things recently, including an Occupational Costume themed Dance Party last weekend and a fun picnic in the park on Wednesday. Of course I have photos but haven't gotten around to posting them yet. I love my friends and will miss them terribly when....

I ... move ... to.... Seattle at the end of the summer!!

It's official- me (and the handsome Josh) will be moving out from the Midwest to the Northwest sometime in late August. Yeah, it's kinda a big deal.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Most people who know me- know that I have trouble sleeping most nights. No real problem falling asleep... but always waking up a couple hours later and I end up watching MadTV reruns on comedy central downstairs on the couch the rest of the morning. Too many days in a row started like this on a few hours sleep... it begins to take its toll.

After a rare Saturday night in watching a rented movie and chuggin a half of a bottle of NyQuil, I woke up this morning feeling so good and rested it is unbelievable. Granted, yes I did still wake up a few hours after laying down last night and moved downstairs as to not wake my man sleeping gently beside me thinking it would be another typical very early morning... but I ended up returning to sleep there for another 5 or 6 hours. I feel fantastic!

So... in honor of feeling awake and motivated- I present to you a 10% off coupon code- good for 10% off your order on the website. So go place your order and put me to work ;)
{ enter code: SPRING10 during checkout at }


Also- have you checked out the etsy store lately?
If you don't have an account there to buy- it is super quick and simple to sign up!
Choice items on sale- possibly something you've had your eye on....Drawstring Tunic Dress, Dark Leopard Skirt, etc.
The new Leopard Print dress (currently exclusive to etsy) with tulle ruffle lining with a limited time low price.....

Hurry now to take advantage of these feel-good sales!!


Remember the Lucky Kat Charms eBay store? Cool pewter charms in the shapes of skulls, cherries, pirates, guns, horseshoes, etc? Well- I have opened a storefront on etsy to start selling them again. I will be adding about 5 new charms everyday- so check it out and bookmark it to easily check back to see the latest additions.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I have been working on new clothing designs recently and forgot how enjoyable that is. Sometimes it is hard to maintain the balance of keeping up with orders for the same items I need to make again and again to that of being creative and making new things. The business is a little more streamlined with the new website that I can afford to take the time to begin creating again. I will be waiting until all of my design samples are ready and do a photoshoot for everything all at once instead of here and there as items are created. That is hard for me because once I finish something I want it to be out and available instantly!

So to compromise with myself- I have taken photos of one of the new dress designs on a dress form (shown at left) and have added it available for sale in the etsy store. I am really happy with how it turned out and it is very customizable as well- from piping colors, straps, etc. Go here to order one for yourself now before it is available on the regular website!

As I finish up other items I may add them to the etsy store as well before I get them all professionally photographed for the main site. So keep an eye open....


Two weekends ago I went to the scooter rally in Cincinnati. Had a good time! Pictures are up in my flickr page. Me above with my eyes wide shut for the camera!

So I have this leather jacket that I bought off of eBay a couple months ago (I am wearing it in most of those pictures). I had to reconstruct it a bit (take out some ugly shoulder pads, shorten the shoulders, etc -- yes, it was probably from the 80s) and really like how it turned out.

Unfortunately, because it is vintage and has been stored who-knows-where.... it smells. It's got that thrift store, moth balls, stale old smell to it that I hoped would go away after a few wearings. Well.... it didn't. It is almost to the point where it is unbearable to wear for long periods of time. Well, I brought it with me to the rally and wore it on the long ride on Saturday- hoping that being outside and in the wind would air it out. I guess it did slightly- and I was able to wear it just about all that day without gagging- but I can still smell it from about a foot away. I do realize that I could do something to it- spray it more with something, use some leather care on it, etc.... I just figured it should fade on its own. Still not sure if it is the leather, lining, or stuffing in between that is holding it. Any suggestions?!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Website is finally done and live! A few orders have been placed already so I am pretty sure all of the kinks have been worked out with the shopping cart. It is nice to have it finished so I can start focusing on other things that need some attention- current pending orders and some new clothing designs.

In celebration of the new site, I am offering a free gift to the first 10 orders placed through the new website.

I had a photoshoot with Gretchen again on Thursday for two new dress designs from nice face. that I just got in stock. Pictured in the photo above- they are very cute, comfortable, and perfect for spring!

This week will be very busy- and I'll be heading to Cincinnati again this weekend, this time for a scooter rally. I hope it will be good weather and I am looking forward to a good time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Disco Duck

Happy st. pat's day!  Am I wearing green?  no.  Am I drinking a guinness or green beer?  no.  Am I going out to an Irish pub tonite?  no.  Oh well... just another Monday I suppose.  But, I did get out on Saturday night and had a good time.  We went to a Polyester disco themed party in Cincinnati.  If you couldn't guess, the photo above is from it.  More photos are in my Flickr page- (link is over to the left).  We found suitable outfits and made the 2 hour drive after Josh got off work.  Champagne, fondue, and 70s dance hits filled the night.  Although- I ended up mostly drinking the Miller Lite we brought.... Anyways good times and we ended up making the drive back that night and got home around 4:30 am.  
I also just uploaded pics from my birthday party back in December (thanks to Ellen) as well to Flickr.  I almost forgot how decadent it was- how much sugar I consumed that night- and how lame it was that my gingerbread house collapsed so quickly.  I blame the frosting..... ;)

Also, it's official that I will not be doing Viva Las Vegas this year.  I love Vegas- but for various reasons I am not going to go or vendor this year.  I will be applying to have a vendor booth at Comfest here in Columbus again though at the end of June.  Last year was a lot of work as I was doing the booth all 3 days by myself... and it is outside in the heat... etc... but I sold a ton so it was worth it!   

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So I realize I haven't written a post in a while. I was really going to be good with this blog... hoping to average a post about every other day. My excuse last week was that nothing really new happened... that I had nothing to say besides... still working on the new website.... etc.

But then I realized that some things did happen last week- 
business-wise: answered interview questions for a write-up on Lucky Kat that will be in the April/May issue of AMP Magazine, sent some dresses over to Curve magazine to be used in a photoshoot for plus-size fashions and would possibly be in a fall issue, sewed and painted for some website orders, and..... worked on the new website.

The photo above is what my cutting table looks like at the moment. I am working on some drink coasters made from the huge accumulation of cool scrap fabrics I have to be included in the Columbus' City Sampler. What is The Sampler you ask... "The Sampler is a super fun marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month, independent crafters, artists, shops, zines and record labels who run web-based businesses send samples and promotional materials to a contribution pool here in Sampler Town. All the samples are photographed, posted to the site and then portioned out, packed into boxes and sent off to Sampler recipients, Contributors and members of the Media all over the world!"
The new thing they offer is to localize it- so people can subscribe to receive samplers that focus on businesses from specific cities- so they can be distributed to people who are interested in supporting local businesses. I will be contributing to the Columbus Sampler that will be available through the shop on the Sampler website in April I think.

I decided not to put together swag bags for Craftin' Outlaws last year, but the year before I gave out bags with samples and promos to the first 100 attendees in the door from DIY crafty businesses all over the country. I know the people loved to get free stuff... but I am still not sure if it ever led to any further sales for the contributors.... Anyways- we'll see how this City Sampler turns out!

Liz-wise happenings:
Survived the blizzard on Saturday.  Despite never finding any sleds to go play in the snow- I had a really enjoyable day.  Ran around town with Josh (car only getting stuck in the snow once?), walked to the grocery store with Josh, Amy, and John, cooked porkchops for everyone, and we enjoyed a nice night in drinking wine from a box, and for some reason I woke up with a sharpie drawing of a stegosaurus drinking a milkshake on my leg.

Further progress on Bleed For Speed Soapbox Derby event.  We put up a myspace page and J and I just finished up the rule book last night and I will be posting that and some technical information (steering and brake diagrams) to help people get started on that page soon.  I've gotta get working on my car ASAP!    

Monday, February 25, 2008

I am hoping to put the finishing touches on the new site this week and hope to have it up and going by the weekend.  I am discontinuing most of the handpainted items I make to focus more on the bowling pins and jewelry boxes- the larger and more fun items for me to do.  So- to get out what I have left in the other categories- I put up a sale this week.  Any items still left when the new site goes live I will put in the etsy shop.  I do plan on doing frames again in the future- just different designs/ different technique- so that is something that I will revive again probably this summer.

I have been working non-stop on the site- which means a lot of time on the computer.  Because I am currently sick of all my cds I listen to the radio through Itunes.  My absolute favorite station is Devils Night- it is perfect.... pretty much enjoying every song they play.  It is a great mix of punk, new wave, classic country, 60s garage and soul, psychobilly, rockabilly, french pop, show tunes, etc.  I listened to it for the 14 hours I spent on my computer yesterday- and was only slightly annoyed twice by song choices.  I can't say I've ever said that about any other station I've ever heard!!  Check out their website and listen to it through there or you can find it under the 'Alternative' category on Itunes radio.

Friday, February 22, 2008


10 year old checkered vans with no socks is apparently not the right footwear to dig out your car on a "snow day".  :(

Progressing still on the new website and I have the Super Spy Dresses and Pink Dolly Tops back in stock.  Hopefully in the next week or so I can have the popular boatneck tees and hoodies back in stock as well.  I am also doing some sketches for new top, skirt, and dress designs I will hope to have available by the end of next month for spring.

Ahh spring- can't wait to see you!  

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Website

The photo is of the yummy heart shaped googley-eyed rice krispie treats that I made for my boyfriend on Valentine's day.  He ate one before I could take the picture hence the open spot on the left.  They look kinda gross in the photo but were much more appetizing in person...

So I am currently working on a new website.  Well actually same website- but a redesign.  Tweaking the colors, logo, layout, etc.  Right now I use Zen Cart for my shopping cart but have found another cart solution that I think I am going to go with that will give me more freedom with the design.  The functionality of Zen Cart is fantastic and I rely heavily on the backend to keep me organized- but I hate being so tied up in their template layout.  I am not a php or css whiz- so there is only so much I can do.  I have decided to create an html site with a php based cart built into it just on the shopping pages.  

The new redesign will ofcourse offer shopping but will also focus on me as an artist and promote my kustom work.  I do a steady amount of kustom work (which is my favorite thing to do) and that all comes from an almost hidden single link on the site.  I am anxious to see what sort of projects and ideas from customers I can get if I actually promote this bigger on every page.  I also need to update the kustom gallery- I have almost a year's worth of amazing work that never got added to it!    

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soapbox Derby Racing

So Josh and I are in the midst of starting to plan the Soapbox Derby that we want to put together in Columbus- for probably in April.  Here are some links to ones in other cities-

He is going to come up with the logo and I'll be working on putting together a myspace page for it to get the ball rolling.  We'll also need to start working on our cars asap to have them to show off and give inspiration to those interested.  I am curious to see what kind of interest and participation we will get.  We are also working on finding a good location too- something downhill and curvy....

Anyways- I am always excited for a new project and we've been talking about doing it for months and months now- glad that we are now finally going to make it official and spread the word.  

Friday, February 08, 2008

Week review...

What's new?  Let's see- what happened this week...

The photo is from last Saturday evening.  A group of us all went to the opening at Rivet.  There was quite a lot of people there- it's probably helpful when almost all of the artists in the show are local.  Some photos are here and here.  I can be see in the middle of the room in a couple photos- just look for the white hair.  The paintings are available for sale here.  We then all went to Tip Top downtown for a bite to eat and drink and then to Cafe Bourbon St to see a show.  It was the Birthday Suits and some other bands.  Eh- I enjoyed the show as much as I really ever enjoy any of those shows there- it is more just background noise to me.  Meghan ordered the dress from me- it is the Harlequin Shift Dress and I finished it about ten minutes before it was time to leave- so I had to have a photo of it worn out around town.  I was in a striped dress and between the two of us we looked very op art.

Wednesday Josh and I went to a gathering at a friends house for an "ugly sweater" party.  I ran to the local thrift store before to find the ugliest sweater I could find.  It was really big and slouchy- should've worn some stirrup pants with it- and it also had shoulder pads. What made it really ugly was the pattern and colors- crazy oranges, pinks, purples, etc.  It hurt your eyes to look at it.  Unfortunately I didn't win any prizes for it.  Josh did with his Oilers sweater- a light blue sweater that said oilers and had a couple red stripes.  It was actually a very nice color on him.  He won the "It is so ugly it is cool" category and won a mix cd with all sweater themed songs.  It was a good time!

Tonite we are going to a rockabilly show at Ravari Room... I am always skeptical of any 'billy shows that actually play here in Columbus- it is usually not that great, especially if it is fairly local.  But I try to come out and support whatever is going on if it is related even if it will probably suck- because how else can you start a scene.  It takes people coming to shows to encourage more shows to be booked with hopefully better bands- that in turn brings more people out- that then inspires people to start their own bands here- they play and get a following if they are good- this inspires more bands here, etc.  We'll see.  

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wounded Heart Boxes

I just finished up a special order for the cool store Wicked Kitty in Corpus Christi, TX.  These wounded heart boxes will be shipped out and soon on display just in time for Valentine's Day gift purchases.  The handpainted wooden boxes feature box nails driven through the lid- and are a lot of fun to make!


In other news- I found this an interesting essay on the popularity and mainstreaming of tattoos and other body modifications.  I agree with a lot of what he writes but I think being a heavily tattooed woman adds another element to this.  I like to think of my tattoos as body decoration and piercings as accessories- the goal to enhance your appearance in a positive way.  I do realize that not everyone may agree that this type of enhancement is positive- but I try to stick to bright beautiful colors and lovely images of flowers, animals, stars, hearts, etc.  I am a lady that still wants to be pretty.  Getting tattoos not necessarily to show how different I am than everybody else or do I feel the need to kick some ass on a regular basis to remind people how tough tattooed people are.  I don't mind that because it has become more mainstream I have a better chance of not being discriminated against in getting a job, etc.  That I have suburban soccer moms coming up to me at the grocery store exclaiming that they love the art on my arms.  I actually like that.  

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Tops and more...

Finished updating the website with new photos from the shoot- also from an additional shoot with model Rachel this past weekend....

Lucky Kat is now the official sponsor of the Kitten Koffin Zombies monthly pinup contest. The winner each month will not only be featured in their next year's calendar but also receive a Lucky Kat gift certificate. The contest was down temporarily but should be back up and running soon!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heartland Show

Today I finished my painting for the show at Rivet.   I just took a quick photo of it and don't think it does it justice.  Still haven't titled it yet.  I have recently become fascinated with owls and thinking also about the dual symbology that goes with the animal.  That of both wisdom (as a creature sacred to the Goddess Athena) and also of darkness and a messenger of death because of its nocturnal hunting abilities. I see these two sides as both meaning perception- the owl can see that which others cannot- so of course she is wearing glasses!  I enjoyed working on it and it will be up in the gallery for the month of February and is available for sale....

 Here is the poster (that Meghan made) for the opening reception on Saturday Feb 2 from 7-10p.  I will definitely be there.... 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

End of an era...

So I sold the last of the Horror Tops last week. I have been making some version of this top using Robert Kaufman's Horror Monster Movie Fabric for about 3 years now and it was by far my most popular viewed item on the site and I have sold a ton of them over the years! It was just a cool original fabric print- featuring a more Universal Studios versions of Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, and Vampire- and I would like to think my design of the top itself also had something to do with it too....

Anyways- the fabric was discontinued over a year ago and now is extremely rare to find. I think I saw one yard up on eBay for like $45. When I heard it was discontinued I quickly ordered as much as I could afford and continued producing these tops up until about a month ago when I ran out. I was left with one size 2XL left- and then just sold it over a week ago.

I did get an email from the satisfied customer today- "I just got the monster shirt. It's absolutely amazing!!! thank you so much." So atleast the last one went to someone who really likes it and will obviously get some wear out of it!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I had a photoshoot yesterday for some more gals clothing with my favorite photog: Gretchen King- who has done most of my girls clothing photography over the past year or so and I had local models: Factory Girl and Bunny- who looked great.  I took a few shots of some behind the scenes- but unfortunately my battery died so I couldn't get that many.  Besides the two up there- I have a few more in my Flickr account.  Mostly we shot some new tops from other labels that will soon be added and reshot a few skirts and dresses to update current photos on the site.  I should be getting them all back by the end of the weekend and will be updating the site Sunday night or Monday morning.  

I think these shoots are so much fun- mostly because I really like to see the clothing on real people.  Usually I am sewing it and sending it out- and don't get to enjoy watching it move on a body.  It is that way too with the other labels I also carry- I just take it out of my inventory and package it up.  I also enjoy the shoots because back in the early days I modeled everything and HATED it.  I got really self-conscious, really bitchy, and then really picky about how I looked in them- plus I didn't have a professional photographer- just a boyfriend who did his best in my living room.  It feels like a luxury to just stand back and watch and give some direction here and there.  

I was originally going to suck it up and stand in front of the camera and have Gretchen take some photos of me as well to update those that are floating around (website, myspace, etc) because I look kinda different than those that were taken so long ago.  I have a lot more tattoos (sleeves almost done) and short blonde hair.  But considering my insomnia has been back this week and I have barely slept in about 5 days- I was looking (and feeling) a little rough.  I think I'll save that for the next clothing shoot or just schedule a time with her...   

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fabric store

I normally purchase most of my fabrics in bulk from online sources. But occasionally while waiting for a shipment I need to run out to the local fabric store and pick up some twill or sateen solids (two of my favorite basic fabrics) to hold me over. During training to work at the apparel cutting counter, they must instruct to always ask- "So what are you going to be making?" everytime- because they always do. Sometimes I've even had that question also asked at the register as well.

When I first started getting asked, I was slightly annoyed as I was always in a hurry and it usually seems that they can't talk or even listen and cut fabric at the same time. But then I started to have fun with it over the years- and come up with kind of outlandish projects that usually don't seem very fitting with the fabric I was buying- just to see their reaction. I was just never in the self-promotion mood to explain that I have a clothing line, etc, etc.

Since I find I am usually buying whole bolts of black or white twill- I would say that I was making a futon cover, a dog bed, something of the like. I think once though while buying it- I said I was making a prom dress for my neighbor- and that I was estimating it would take all 20 yards of twill I was buying. Another time I was buying tulle netting for an underskirt on a dress and I said I needed it all to make into a new dress to wear for my shift dancing that night at Centerfolds. For that one I couldn't keep a straight face and I think she knew I was probably kidding.

I stopped in today to pick up something and was trying to come up with something funny to say. Instead, she said, "Your the girl that does Lucky Kat, right?" I said, "yup, sure am...". She never did ask me what I was making- I guess if she knew Lucky Kat, then she knew what I was probably doing with the fabric. It is always cool to be recognized... but I guess now it'll just be weird if I start making up stuff again....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lucky Kat news....

Here are some Lucky Kat updates:

1.  More stores!:  Just about my entire gals clothing line will be carried on The Alley's (huge punk store in Chicago) website.
Soon will be working on an opening order for Madcap- a store opening in New Hope, PA in March.
Wholly Craft here in Columbus has been carrying some of my work this past month.  I will be dropping off more stuff for them this weekend.

2.  More stock!:

Heartbreaker Super Spy Dresses are back in stock- I am also now carrying the red version as well.

    I also just added the Anchor's Away Sailor Dress- it is so cute!  I used to carry it back when they were doing the anchor print but now it is only available in polkadots.  Still cute!

      Hoodies and the boat-neck tops will be back in stock in more sizes soon- just waiting on a shipment.... so it should be in the next week or so.....
3.  More photos!:

I just redid the "makeup" section on the website to properly show off the Coffin Color eyeshadows.  

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just started reading a new book today.  I miss reading and am going to try to make time to do more of it (and other Liz-centric activities: drawing, going to the gym, cook good meals,etc).  I am a big fan of Kerouac and have quite a collection of his books on my shelf.  This one I got for christmas- I had asked for a couple different titles- but my brothers both got me this one.  I guess it was a sign that I really should read it.   Mike returned his copy to the store and gave me a gift card instead.

Reading Kerouac is both depressing and inspiring- when talking to others about why "on the road" is my favorite book- I claim that it "saved my life".  I read it for the first time at a particular low time during my first year at Ithaca College and I read it like it was a drug.  I couldn't put it down and kept going back to it.  I cried, I laughed, I reread passages over and over, I took notes and copied down phrases I liked.... coming out in the end of it with a different view on life and how I wanted to live it.  I wanted to live fast and mad- travel- experience all that is life- wanting to be both as crazy as Dean but also an observant wanderer like Sal.  I wanted to surround myself with these kind of characters and not settle for the ones currently around me.  I was at the time going to film school and tried to fantasize how I could possibly make the novel into a movie.  I still went through some really tough times in the next year and half after- but instead of giving up (in many senses of the word)- I decided to get out of the country and travel and "study abroad" in London.  I had the best experience there and it was one of the best times of my life and was extremely happy.  I think that the effect that that book had on me is what led to that decision to go.  I now pick up and read the book about once a year or so- to keep the flame going.  

Alot of his work is so depressing- such as Big Sur or Visions of Gerard- but mainly because he was always so depressed.  He had discovered "the Void" in himself- and looked to Buddhism (and ofcourse drugs and alchohol) to provide some answers.  He found though that he could rationalize the void but never really accept it.  "That nothin' means nothin' is the saddest thing I know," he said.  Reading these books doesn't bring me down necessarily but I do have to be in the right mood to want to think about the meaning and precariousness of existence.  I imagine it would've been hard to be around him for very long- like as a good friend or girlfriend- to be constantly reminded that "Everything is emptiness"- well where does that leave you?

Considering the title is "Desolation Angels"- the title of part one is "Desolation in Solitude" and part two is "Desolation in the World"- I think I know what I am getting myself in to.  But it's cold and dark outside, I am alone in my bedroom with a warm cider/rum drink, and it seems like there is no better time than now to read. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OH-I... .... ....

This is pretty funny- and I am surprised the Dispatch would run this.  I am agnostic when it comes to this local religion as well.

Maybe it is because I didn't go to OSU- don't care about football- etc.... but I find it to be pretty obnoxious especially over the past couple years.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guitar Hero

I have played a few musical instruments in my day.  Starting off with violin in 3rd grade, add to that piano lessons in maybe about 4th grade.  For a while there I was taking both violin and piano lessons every week at the age of 8 years old.  That got to be a bit much so I dropped violin and continued piano lessons every week for about five years.  I got to be pretty good- could just sit down and play.  Played in some recitals, etc.  But I still fought it every step of the way- especially those early years- I would throw huge tantrums about practicing and going to lessons.  My mom developed some sort of reward system that every time I practiced I would put a sticker on this poster board thing and then get rewarded when I got so many.  I was also taught French in school in 3rd grade and going to dance lessons for jazz, tap, ballet, and acrobats.  Sometimes I feel like I started out life pretty damn smart- and just got dumber along the way.  I also know now why I am an overscheduled workaholic today!

In middle school is when I really got into music- grunge stuff- or "alternative" I guess- mostly.  Then I discovered punk at the beginning of high school and really wanted to play guitar.  So I bought one (a red ibanez- what?) and a little amp and started taking lessons by this old stoner dude at the local music store.  I understood it- and the theory of it because of my musical background- but just didn't pick up the technique of it easily enough at first and just kinda quit after a bit.  Without my moms stickers to get me to practice- I just didn't.  I wanted to be able to play guitar without having to work at it.  On a side note- I have been tempted to buy a violin (again) and an upright bass over the past couple years- but am afraid it will turn out like the guitar situation- I just won't be good right away and not stick with it.

Fast forward to last night- Josh's place- Dave's Guitar Hero 3.  I love it!  I am pretty good at it although I haven't played it quite enough to start on different levels of hardness.... but I could see becoming addicted to it.  Yes, it is not really playing guitar- but I do think that my days of working my fingers on various instruments in the past has led me to be a good player on this game.  We played for hours and the time just slipped by.  Chinese food, miller lite, hawaiian ice cream, and guitar hero- what a lovely evening! 

Oh- and the photo up there is the Guitar Heronoid- an android that plays the game....  

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Art Show

I am participating in a group show at the Rivet Gallery (lo-brow designer toy and art gallery) here in Columbus for the month of February.  The opening will be on February 2.  So I've got less than a month to create something new.... It is so extremely rare in the past few years to actually paint something without the feeling that I should stick to themes and imagery that my customers want to buy.  I haven't made something just for myself since probably before art school.  But I find that the tattoo and rockabilly themes and imagery are still what I am drawn to and feel a bit lost in trying to figure out what else I want to paint- even if just for one piece in an art show.  I am thinking I want to paint a bowling pin- but I am also liking the idea of canvas since I rarely do flat pieces anymore.  Need to start brainstorming on that.....


Saturday, January 05, 2008


Check out this calendar by Kitten Koffin Zombies.  The website hosts a monthly pinup contest where girls send in photos and it is voted on by people visiting the site.  The winners for each month were then compiled into a calendar for 2008.  It's very cute!

Also, I've set up a storefront on which I am hoping to soon replace the eBay store.  I've had an account on etsy for a while just for buying but decided to put some items on there to see how it would do.  I am not really a fan of their search functions- and that the longer an item has been listed- the further it gets buried in the search.  So it is in your best interest to continually list new things or "renew" ones you already have (pay the listing fee again).  I've had small successes on it so far- so I will see how it goes.  

Well, off to run some errands and I plan on doing some skirt sewing and box painting for the rest of the day.  My large light roast from Cup o Joe has started my day nicely and after a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch- I will be ready to work.  After a few days of miserable cold and snow- the weather has improved- and looking at the extended forecast it should be high of 62 on monday!  Ofcourse back to the 30s by the end of the week- but just that little bit of warmth should energize me enough to make it through the week.  I am definitely one of those people who's mood and happiness level is affected by the weather.  Bring on the summer!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Today's Agenda

I find I work best when I make lists- especially to-do lists.  I also then try and schedule out when I will work on certain things through the week.  I have found that in reality I don't get as much done in a day as I usually schedule- so it is best to be generous with myself- and that way I will feel more accomplished and won't get so stressed and discouraged.  I couldn't live without my weekly planner calendar thingy.   For my bday- Meghan got my this awesome one filled with cool pulp art images.  Much better than my boring green Staples brand one last year.

Today I am working on finishing up a few items that need shipped tomorrow- including the last of the Corduroy Coats for the season.  I might be able to make one more out of the remaining fabric- but maybe not.  I do have a bunch of the soft heart fur left- which I love!- and am imagining all of the wonderful furry things I could make with it.  
I am also working on finishing up an order for a store that recently opened in Salem, OR called Cherry Redd.  I saw photos on their Myspace page of their store and it looks pretty good.  I wish at some point I could take a trip across the U.S. and stopping in to all of the stores that carry my stuff.  That would be a lot of fun!  Oh, and actually make some of the deliveries myself since the last big order to a store shipped through the Post Office arrived horribly broken and banged up :(

Also: question that just happens to be on my mind *wink, wink*- What are the challenges and opportunities that museums will face in the next 20 years?