Monday, February 25, 2008

I am hoping to put the finishing touches on the new site this week and hope to have it up and going by the weekend.  I am discontinuing most of the handpainted items I make to focus more on the bowling pins and jewelry boxes- the larger and more fun items for me to do.  So- to get out what I have left in the other categories- I put up a sale this week.  Any items still left when the new site goes live I will put in the etsy shop.  I do plan on doing frames again in the future- just different designs/ different technique- so that is something that I will revive again probably this summer.

I have been working non-stop on the site- which means a lot of time on the computer.  Because I am currently sick of all my cds I listen to the radio through Itunes.  My absolute favorite station is Devils Night- it is perfect.... pretty much enjoying every song they play.  It is a great mix of punk, new wave, classic country, 60s garage and soul, psychobilly, rockabilly, french pop, show tunes, etc.  I listened to it for the 14 hours I spent on my computer yesterday- and was only slightly annoyed twice by song choices.  I can't say I've ever said that about any other station I've ever heard!!  Check out their website and listen to it through there or you can find it under the 'Alternative' category on Itunes radio.

Friday, February 22, 2008


10 year old checkered vans with no socks is apparently not the right footwear to dig out your car on a "snow day".  :(

Progressing still on the new website and I have the Super Spy Dresses and Pink Dolly Tops back in stock.  Hopefully in the next week or so I can have the popular boatneck tees and hoodies back in stock as well.  I am also doing some sketches for new top, skirt, and dress designs I will hope to have available by the end of next month for spring.

Ahh spring- can't wait to see you!  

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Website

The photo is of the yummy heart shaped googley-eyed rice krispie treats that I made for my boyfriend on Valentine's day.  He ate one before I could take the picture hence the open spot on the left.  They look kinda gross in the photo but were much more appetizing in person...

So I am currently working on a new website.  Well actually same website- but a redesign.  Tweaking the colors, logo, layout, etc.  Right now I use Zen Cart for my shopping cart but have found another cart solution that I think I am going to go with that will give me more freedom with the design.  The functionality of Zen Cart is fantastic and I rely heavily on the backend to keep me organized- but I hate being so tied up in their template layout.  I am not a php or css whiz- so there is only so much I can do.  I have decided to create an html site with a php based cart built into it just on the shopping pages.  

The new redesign will ofcourse offer shopping but will also focus on me as an artist and promote my kustom work.  I do a steady amount of kustom work (which is my favorite thing to do) and that all comes from an almost hidden single link on the site.  I am anxious to see what sort of projects and ideas from customers I can get if I actually promote this bigger on every page.  I also need to update the kustom gallery- I have almost a year's worth of amazing work that never got added to it!    

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soapbox Derby Racing

So Josh and I are in the midst of starting to plan the Soapbox Derby that we want to put together in Columbus- for probably in April.  Here are some links to ones in other cities-

He is going to come up with the logo and I'll be working on putting together a myspace page for it to get the ball rolling.  We'll also need to start working on our cars asap to have them to show off and give inspiration to those interested.  I am curious to see what kind of interest and participation we will get.  We are also working on finding a good location too- something downhill and curvy....

Anyways- I am always excited for a new project and we've been talking about doing it for months and months now- glad that we are now finally going to make it official and spread the word.  

Friday, February 08, 2008

Week review...

What's new?  Let's see- what happened this week...

The photo is from last Saturday evening.  A group of us all went to the opening at Rivet.  There was quite a lot of people there- it's probably helpful when almost all of the artists in the show are local.  Some photos are here and here.  I can be see in the middle of the room in a couple photos- just look for the white hair.  The paintings are available for sale here.  We then all went to Tip Top downtown for a bite to eat and drink and then to Cafe Bourbon St to see a show.  It was the Birthday Suits and some other bands.  Eh- I enjoyed the show as much as I really ever enjoy any of those shows there- it is more just background noise to me.  Meghan ordered the dress from me- it is the Harlequin Shift Dress and I finished it about ten minutes before it was time to leave- so I had to have a photo of it worn out around town.  I was in a striped dress and between the two of us we looked very op art.

Wednesday Josh and I went to a gathering at a friends house for an "ugly sweater" party.  I ran to the local thrift store before to find the ugliest sweater I could find.  It was really big and slouchy- should've worn some stirrup pants with it- and it also had shoulder pads. What made it really ugly was the pattern and colors- crazy oranges, pinks, purples, etc.  It hurt your eyes to look at it.  Unfortunately I didn't win any prizes for it.  Josh did with his Oilers sweater- a light blue sweater that said oilers and had a couple red stripes.  It was actually a very nice color on him.  He won the "It is so ugly it is cool" category and won a mix cd with all sweater themed songs.  It was a good time!

Tonite we are going to a rockabilly show at Ravari Room... I am always skeptical of any 'billy shows that actually play here in Columbus- it is usually not that great, especially if it is fairly local.  But I try to come out and support whatever is going on if it is related even if it will probably suck- because how else can you start a scene.  It takes people coming to shows to encourage more shows to be booked with hopefully better bands- that in turn brings more people out- that then inspires people to start their own bands here- they play and get a following if they are good- this inspires more bands here, etc.  We'll see.  

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wounded Heart Boxes

I just finished up a special order for the cool store Wicked Kitty in Corpus Christi, TX.  These wounded heart boxes will be shipped out and soon on display just in time for Valentine's Day gift purchases.  The handpainted wooden boxes feature box nails driven through the lid- and are a lot of fun to make!


In other news- I found this an interesting essay on the popularity and mainstreaming of tattoos and other body modifications.  I agree with a lot of what he writes but I think being a heavily tattooed woman adds another element to this.  I like to think of my tattoos as body decoration and piercings as accessories- the goal to enhance your appearance in a positive way.  I do realize that not everyone may agree that this type of enhancement is positive- but I try to stick to bright beautiful colors and lovely images of flowers, animals, stars, hearts, etc.  I am a lady that still wants to be pretty.  Getting tattoos not necessarily to show how different I am than everybody else or do I feel the need to kick some ass on a regular basis to remind people how tough tattooed people are.  I don't mind that because it has become more mainstream I have a better chance of not being discriminated against in getting a job, etc.  That I have suburban soccer moms coming up to me at the grocery store exclaiming that they love the art on my arms.  I actually like that.