Monday, January 28, 2008

New Tops and more...

Finished updating the website with new photos from the shoot- also from an additional shoot with model Rachel this past weekend....

Lucky Kat is now the official sponsor of the Kitten Koffin Zombies monthly pinup contest. The winner each month will not only be featured in their next year's calendar but also receive a Lucky Kat gift certificate. The contest was down temporarily but should be back up and running soon!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heartland Show

Today I finished my painting for the show at Rivet.   I just took a quick photo of it and don't think it does it justice.  Still haven't titled it yet.  I have recently become fascinated with owls and thinking also about the dual symbology that goes with the animal.  That of both wisdom (as a creature sacred to the Goddess Athena) and also of darkness and a messenger of death because of its nocturnal hunting abilities. I see these two sides as both meaning perception- the owl can see that which others cannot- so of course she is wearing glasses!  I enjoyed working on it and it will be up in the gallery for the month of February and is available for sale....

 Here is the poster (that Meghan made) for the opening reception on Saturday Feb 2 from 7-10p.  I will definitely be there.... 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

End of an era...

So I sold the last of the Horror Tops last week. I have been making some version of this top using Robert Kaufman's Horror Monster Movie Fabric for about 3 years now and it was by far my most popular viewed item on the site and I have sold a ton of them over the years! It was just a cool original fabric print- featuring a more Universal Studios versions of Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, and Vampire- and I would like to think my design of the top itself also had something to do with it too....

Anyways- the fabric was discontinued over a year ago and now is extremely rare to find. I think I saw one yard up on eBay for like $45. When I heard it was discontinued I quickly ordered as much as I could afford and continued producing these tops up until about a month ago when I ran out. I was left with one size 2XL left- and then just sold it over a week ago.

I did get an email from the satisfied customer today- "I just got the monster shirt. It's absolutely amazing!!! thank you so much." So atleast the last one went to someone who really likes it and will obviously get some wear out of it!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I had a photoshoot yesterday for some more gals clothing with my favorite photog: Gretchen King- who has done most of my girls clothing photography over the past year or so and I had local models: Factory Girl and Bunny- who looked great.  I took a few shots of some behind the scenes- but unfortunately my battery died so I couldn't get that many.  Besides the two up there- I have a few more in my Flickr account.  Mostly we shot some new tops from other labels that will soon be added and reshot a few skirts and dresses to update current photos on the site.  I should be getting them all back by the end of the weekend and will be updating the site Sunday night or Monday morning.  

I think these shoots are so much fun- mostly because I really like to see the clothing on real people.  Usually I am sewing it and sending it out- and don't get to enjoy watching it move on a body.  It is that way too with the other labels I also carry- I just take it out of my inventory and package it up.  I also enjoy the shoots because back in the early days I modeled everything and HATED it.  I got really self-conscious, really bitchy, and then really picky about how I looked in them- plus I didn't have a professional photographer- just a boyfriend who did his best in my living room.  It feels like a luxury to just stand back and watch and give some direction here and there.  

I was originally going to suck it up and stand in front of the camera and have Gretchen take some photos of me as well to update those that are floating around (website, myspace, etc) because I look kinda different than those that were taken so long ago.  I have a lot more tattoos (sleeves almost done) and short blonde hair.  But considering my insomnia has been back this week and I have barely slept in about 5 days- I was looking (and feeling) a little rough.  I think I'll save that for the next clothing shoot or just schedule a time with her...   

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fabric store

I normally purchase most of my fabrics in bulk from online sources. But occasionally while waiting for a shipment I need to run out to the local fabric store and pick up some twill or sateen solids (two of my favorite basic fabrics) to hold me over. During training to work at the apparel cutting counter, they must instruct to always ask- "So what are you going to be making?" everytime- because they always do. Sometimes I've even had that question also asked at the register as well.

When I first started getting asked, I was slightly annoyed as I was always in a hurry and it usually seems that they can't talk or even listen and cut fabric at the same time. But then I started to have fun with it over the years- and come up with kind of outlandish projects that usually don't seem very fitting with the fabric I was buying- just to see their reaction. I was just never in the self-promotion mood to explain that I have a clothing line, etc, etc.

Since I find I am usually buying whole bolts of black or white twill- I would say that I was making a futon cover, a dog bed, something of the like. I think once though while buying it- I said I was making a prom dress for my neighbor- and that I was estimating it would take all 20 yards of twill I was buying. Another time I was buying tulle netting for an underskirt on a dress and I said I needed it all to make into a new dress to wear for my shift dancing that night at Centerfolds. For that one I couldn't keep a straight face and I think she knew I was probably kidding.

I stopped in today to pick up something and was trying to come up with something funny to say. Instead, she said, "Your the girl that does Lucky Kat, right?" I said, "yup, sure am...". She never did ask me what I was making- I guess if she knew Lucky Kat, then she knew what I was probably doing with the fabric. It is always cool to be recognized... but I guess now it'll just be weird if I start making up stuff again....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lucky Kat news....

Here are some Lucky Kat updates:

1.  More stores!:  Just about my entire gals clothing line will be carried on The Alley's (huge punk store in Chicago) website.
Soon will be working on an opening order for Madcap- a store opening in New Hope, PA in March.
Wholly Craft here in Columbus has been carrying some of my work this past month.  I will be dropping off more stuff for them this weekend.

2.  More stock!:

Heartbreaker Super Spy Dresses are back in stock- I am also now carrying the red version as well.

    I also just added the Anchor's Away Sailor Dress- it is so cute!  I used to carry it back when they were doing the anchor print but now it is only available in polkadots.  Still cute!

      Hoodies and the boat-neck tops will be back in stock in more sizes soon- just waiting on a shipment.... so it should be in the next week or so.....
3.  More photos!:

I just redid the "makeup" section on the website to properly show off the Coffin Color eyeshadows.  

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just started reading a new book today.  I miss reading and am going to try to make time to do more of it (and other Liz-centric activities: drawing, going to the gym, cook good meals,etc).  I am a big fan of Kerouac and have quite a collection of his books on my shelf.  This one I got for christmas- I had asked for a couple different titles- but my brothers both got me this one.  I guess it was a sign that I really should read it.   Mike returned his copy to the store and gave me a gift card instead.

Reading Kerouac is both depressing and inspiring- when talking to others about why "on the road" is my favorite book- I claim that it "saved my life".  I read it for the first time at a particular low time during my first year at Ithaca College and I read it like it was a drug.  I couldn't put it down and kept going back to it.  I cried, I laughed, I reread passages over and over, I took notes and copied down phrases I liked.... coming out in the end of it with a different view on life and how I wanted to live it.  I wanted to live fast and mad- travel- experience all that is life- wanting to be both as crazy as Dean but also an observant wanderer like Sal.  I wanted to surround myself with these kind of characters and not settle for the ones currently around me.  I was at the time going to film school and tried to fantasize how I could possibly make the novel into a movie.  I still went through some really tough times in the next year and half after- but instead of giving up (in many senses of the word)- I decided to get out of the country and travel and "study abroad" in London.  I had the best experience there and it was one of the best times of my life and was extremely happy.  I think that the effect that that book had on me is what led to that decision to go.  I now pick up and read the book about once a year or so- to keep the flame going.  

Alot of his work is so depressing- such as Big Sur or Visions of Gerard- but mainly because he was always so depressed.  He had discovered "the Void" in himself- and looked to Buddhism (and ofcourse drugs and alchohol) to provide some answers.  He found though that he could rationalize the void but never really accept it.  "That nothin' means nothin' is the saddest thing I know," he said.  Reading these books doesn't bring me down necessarily but I do have to be in the right mood to want to think about the meaning and precariousness of existence.  I imagine it would've been hard to be around him for very long- like as a good friend or girlfriend- to be constantly reminded that "Everything is emptiness"- well where does that leave you?

Considering the title is "Desolation Angels"- the title of part one is "Desolation in Solitude" and part two is "Desolation in the World"- I think I know what I am getting myself in to.  But it's cold and dark outside, I am alone in my bedroom with a warm cider/rum drink, and it seems like there is no better time than now to read. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OH-I... .... ....

This is pretty funny- and I am surprised the Dispatch would run this.  I am agnostic when it comes to this local religion as well.

Maybe it is because I didn't go to OSU- don't care about football- etc.... but I find it to be pretty obnoxious especially over the past couple years.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guitar Hero

I have played a few musical instruments in my day.  Starting off with violin in 3rd grade, add to that piano lessons in maybe about 4th grade.  For a while there I was taking both violin and piano lessons every week at the age of 8 years old.  That got to be a bit much so I dropped violin and continued piano lessons every week for about five years.  I got to be pretty good- could just sit down and play.  Played in some recitals, etc.  But I still fought it every step of the way- especially those early years- I would throw huge tantrums about practicing and going to lessons.  My mom developed some sort of reward system that every time I practiced I would put a sticker on this poster board thing and then get rewarded when I got so many.  I was also taught French in school in 3rd grade and going to dance lessons for jazz, tap, ballet, and acrobats.  Sometimes I feel like I started out life pretty damn smart- and just got dumber along the way.  I also know now why I am an overscheduled workaholic today!

In middle school is when I really got into music- grunge stuff- or "alternative" I guess- mostly.  Then I discovered punk at the beginning of high school and really wanted to play guitar.  So I bought one (a red ibanez- what?) and a little amp and started taking lessons by this old stoner dude at the local music store.  I understood it- and the theory of it because of my musical background- but just didn't pick up the technique of it easily enough at first and just kinda quit after a bit.  Without my moms stickers to get me to practice- I just didn't.  I wanted to be able to play guitar without having to work at it.  On a side note- I have been tempted to buy a violin (again) and an upright bass over the past couple years- but am afraid it will turn out like the guitar situation- I just won't be good right away and not stick with it.

Fast forward to last night- Josh's place- Dave's Guitar Hero 3.  I love it!  I am pretty good at it although I haven't played it quite enough to start on different levels of hardness.... but I could see becoming addicted to it.  Yes, it is not really playing guitar- but I do think that my days of working my fingers on various instruments in the past has led me to be a good player on this game.  We played for hours and the time just slipped by.  Chinese food, miller lite, hawaiian ice cream, and guitar hero- what a lovely evening! 

Oh- and the photo up there is the Guitar Heronoid- an android that plays the game....  

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Art Show

I am participating in a group show at the Rivet Gallery (lo-brow designer toy and art gallery) here in Columbus for the month of February.  The opening will be on February 2.  So I've got less than a month to create something new.... It is so extremely rare in the past few years to actually paint something without the feeling that I should stick to themes and imagery that my customers want to buy.  I haven't made something just for myself since probably before art school.  But I find that the tattoo and rockabilly themes and imagery are still what I am drawn to and feel a bit lost in trying to figure out what else I want to paint- even if just for one piece in an art show.  I am thinking I want to paint a bowling pin- but I am also liking the idea of canvas since I rarely do flat pieces anymore.  Need to start brainstorming on that.....


Saturday, January 05, 2008


Check out this calendar by Kitten Koffin Zombies.  The website hosts a monthly pinup contest where girls send in photos and it is voted on by people visiting the site.  The winners for each month were then compiled into a calendar for 2008.  It's very cute!

Also, I've set up a storefront on which I am hoping to soon replace the eBay store.  I've had an account on etsy for a while just for buying but decided to put some items on there to see how it would do.  I am not really a fan of their search functions- and that the longer an item has been listed- the further it gets buried in the search.  So it is in your best interest to continually list new things or "renew" ones you already have (pay the listing fee again).  I've had small successes on it so far- so I will see how it goes.  

Well, off to run some errands and I plan on doing some skirt sewing and box painting for the rest of the day.  My large light roast from Cup o Joe has started my day nicely and after a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch- I will be ready to work.  After a few days of miserable cold and snow- the weather has improved- and looking at the extended forecast it should be high of 62 on monday!  Ofcourse back to the 30s by the end of the week- but just that little bit of warmth should energize me enough to make it through the week.  I am definitely one of those people who's mood and happiness level is affected by the weather.  Bring on the summer!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Today's Agenda

I find I work best when I make lists- especially to-do lists.  I also then try and schedule out when I will work on certain things through the week.  I have found that in reality I don't get as much done in a day as I usually schedule- so it is best to be generous with myself- and that way I will feel more accomplished and won't get so stressed and discouraged.  I couldn't live without my weekly planner calendar thingy.   For my bday- Meghan got my this awesome one filled with cool pulp art images.  Much better than my boring green Staples brand one last year.

Today I am working on finishing up a few items that need shipped tomorrow- including the last of the Corduroy Coats for the season.  I might be able to make one more out of the remaining fabric- but maybe not.  I do have a bunch of the soft heart fur left- which I love!- and am imagining all of the wonderful furry things I could make with it.  
I am also working on finishing up an order for a store that recently opened in Salem, OR called Cherry Redd.  I saw photos on their Myspace page of their store and it looks pretty good.  I wish at some point I could take a trip across the U.S. and stopping in to all of the stores that carry my stuff.  That would be a lot of fun!  Oh, and actually make some of the deliveries myself since the last big order to a store shipped through the Post Office arrived horribly broken and banged up :(

Also: question that just happens to be on my mind *wink, wink*- What are the challenges and opportunities that museums will face in the next 20 years?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years....

New Years Eve wrap-up.....

Despite not really having much of a plan and maybe ending up in a place or two that may not have been the most amazing to spend the evening- I did have a great time!  My lady friends, Josh, and I went first out to eat at Barley's- I had the peiorgies and sausage- not bad but not fantastic either- and my usual beer of choice if I am actually drinking beer: Abita's Purple Haze.  Lovely conversations about the intricacies of reincarnation were had.  Amy A. left us to attend another shindig- and we moved on to Mac's for a shot.  Literally walking in- put it down- and walking out the backdoor.  That place has really gone down on my list over since the nasty Reuben experience- so that is fine with me.     

Walked in the cold for a few blocks back to the Frog (Josh's new green VW) and hopped in.  Meghan suggested we go to Ravari Room as she knew some of the people supposedly playing there that evening.  Well, we got there- paid a cover- and apparently she was mistaken.  I drank a whiskey-coke and endured the rock-rap performance on stage.  Then suddenly it was almost midnight- we grabbed our free champagne shots from the bar in little plastic cups and toasted to the new year.  I also got a sweet smooch from my boy as well ;)

Trying to locate a couple of the parties we heard about- we eventually decided to go to one- luckily it was not too far from home.  Filled a cup with beer from the keg out back- and stood in the kitchen the rest of the night chatting away about this or that.  At this point- Ellen gets out the camera and snaps some pics.  Hopefully I can see those eventually!  I get a call from my brother who is out partying at BGSU- and say hello just for a moment.  Finally, it is time to head home and pass out.  

Josh and I did spend all day New Year's together doing nothing- but it wasn't really in bed this year.  We went and watched 'I am Legend' and I liked it more than I thought I would.  We also watched a lot of tv- I don't know anyone else I can hang with like that for hours on end- and be so content!